Cognito Moto GPS Speedo and large Tach

$514.99 USD

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Dual Gauge:

  • Tachometer (w/ turn signal and high beam indicator lights). 
  • GPS Speedometer does not require a transmission sensor to operate making installation very easy in vehicles which lack electronic sensor output or for individuals wanting the simplest speedometer installation. GPS Antenna included with 5' cable to route antenna to convenient location.
  • Available in MPH and KPH versions.
  • 5ft shortened gps cable ($15 option)
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

Gauge Features:

      • Fits into 3.875" (98mm) dash hole
      • Mounting bracket included.
      • Solid Aluminum Bezel
      • Spin Lock Ring is included for easy mounting
      • Internal microprocessor controls the pointer movement
      • Digital high torque stepper motor ensures accurate pointer movement in racing conditions
      • Hot start satellite acquisition allows GPS speedo to function within 2-3 seconds of power up
      • Flat glass
      • 8K or 12K Tach and 120mph Gauge 
      • (8K or 12K Tach and 200kph Gauge optional)
      • Odometer and Tripometer
      • GPS Clock
      • Top Speed and Tach Recall
      • 1/4 mile time
      • Elevation