Cognito Moto Pointed Tip LED Brake Light / Turn Signal Frame Loop

$364.99 USD

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Cognito Moto all new tail loop. We have recreated the loop shape using compound radii so the loop comes to more of a point at the rear. One of the biggest challenges when creating a seat is reducing the size towards the back. Since this loop gets smaller, coming to a point instead of larger, creating an aesthetically pleasing seat is a lot easier. To create loop a specialty freeform tube bender is used.

We also offer it with an optional CNC Laser cut and formed seat pan that matches the loop and bend as well as a matching base pan. This will save you a ton of time and headache trying to match the sheetmetal to loop shape.

This version includes the integrated LED. LED until has a 7" running/brake light in the center and 1" led turn signals on the end (Red or Yellow). The loop has an enclosed channel to accept the LED strip. LED strip comes with adhesive for mounting. The LED comes not mounted so you can weld the loop and powder coat the frame. 

Truly a one of kind piece. Its the little details like this that really make your bike stand out. 


  • Available in 1" tubing
    • 1" width is 9" outside to outside.
  • Specialty freeform bent shape
  • Optional seat pan and base pan
    • Upswept 
    • Integrated Tail light, Brake light and turn signals
    • Yellow or red end turn signal option available.
    • 24” total length
    • Made in the USA
    • Lifetime warranty