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Enduralast Alternator Kit for /5 models. Charging system comes with a 105mm outside diameter stator (timing cover) and stator frame side outside diameter 107.5mm for BMW R 1974-1976




  • 1974-1976 BMW R

Alternator Rotor

  • Designed to replace the original Bosch Rotor with modern EnDuraLast technology
  • OEM Iron Claw Poles, ETP Copper Wire, Nylon bobbin, double resin coating for insulation protection.
  • Computer balanced for reduced high engine RPM vibration reduction.
  • Special resin soaking of coil increases life expectancy at high operating temperatures and engine RPM speed
  • Brand New - no core charge, no exchange of your old rotor required.

Description NEW Alternator Rotor

  • Voltage 12 v
  • Shaft Length 83 mm
  • Claw Diameter 73.5 mm
  • No of Claws / Splines 6
  • Drive End Diameter 28 mm
  • Slip Ring End Diameter 32.5 mm
  • OHMs 2.9

Alternator Stator

  • Timing Cover Side OD: 105 mm
  • Stator Frame OD: 107.5 mm
  • Inside Diameter: 74 mm

  • Diode Board / Rectifier - 8 x 60 amp diodes;
  • Modern Design and Technology -
  • 8 x 60 amp diodes
  • Stock original design
  • supplied with 12 gauge wiring harness

Adjustable Voltage Regulator - 14.3 Volts

  • Can be adjusted to higher voltage, comes with voltage regulation adjustment guide.
  • Set at 14.3 Volt trim setting; Adjustable voltage setting allow for optimizing the correct voltage for lower RPM urban operation.
  • Must be used with caution as over charging with higher voltage setting can and will damage a battery.
  • Metal housing electronic voltage regulator.
  • Not recommended to exceed 14.5 V.
  • Misadjustment will damage electrical components, including battery !
  • Comes with voltage trim setting instructions.