Switches Control Module (ST-Net Electrical Switch Interface / NWT & EnDuraLast)

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The ST-Net Multi-Function Switch Control Network is a versatile and advanced interface box designed to integrate any style of handlebar switch into powersports projects. It boasts an 8-bit AVR® enhanced RISC architecture microcontroller for efficient performance. With its all-digital operation and solid state advanced trench MOSFET power, the ST-Net ensures precise and robust control. It features 6-channel high current outputs and low-level logic inputs, supporting both momentary and latching input operations. The device is capable of mixed input operations and multiplex/multi-push logic operations, enhancing its versatility.

One of the standout features of the ST-Net is its ability to support LED lighted buttons without extra connections, simplifying installation. It also offers 2-channel flip-flop outputs and onboard selectable digital flasher channels. The device can seamlessly translate momentary pushes to latching outputs, adding to its user-friendly design. Built to withstand the rigors of the powersports environment, it is both waterproof and shockproof.

The ST-Net is adaptable for use with stock or aftermarket switches, accommodating either momentary or latching styles through its dip switches. Its solid state circuitry makes it resilient against vibration, water, and extreme temperatures, common in the powersports world. This interface box is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, and motorcycles of all styles from sport bikes to choppers, making it universally applicable across all vehicle manufacturers. Adding to its appeal is a 2-year replacement warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability to its users. Whether for professional applications or personal customization, the ST-Net stands out as a reliable, high-performance solution in the powersports arena.


  • 8-bit AVR® enhanced RISC architecture microcontrollers
  • All digital operation
  • Solid state advance trench MOSFET powered
  • 6-channel high current outputs
  • 6-channel low level logic inputs
  • Momentary & latching input operations
  • Mix input operation capable
  • Multiplex/multi push logic operations
  • LED lighted button capable without extra connections
  • 2-channel flip-flop outputs
  • Onboard selectable digital flasher channels
  • Translate momentary push to latching outputs
  • Water proof & shock proof
  • 2-year replacement warrantyMulti function switch control network. The ST-Net is an affordable hi tech interface box to incorporate any style handlebar switch into your powersports project

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