About us

We are a couple of guys that love motorcycles. What started as a hobby, has become a way for us to help other motorcycle enthusiasts, like us, build rad motorcycles. We've been designing and fabricating our own parts since 2012. Along the way we've built a few bikes that we think you'll like.

Our products will help your build get off on the right foot.

Devin Henriques / Founder and Owner

Founder and Owner, Devin Henriques grew up in Richmond, VA. A third generation machinist, his daycare was playing around his parents' machine shop while they worked. At the young age of 12, he began working with the family business’s machines after school and every summer, learning from his parents how to use a manual lathe and manual mill. This early exposure led him to pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering.

Devin began his career at Playtex Drafting and Designing, high speed machinery for feminine hygiene products. High precision equipment capable of producing 1200 pieces a minute with amazing consistency to FDA medical devices standards. This was great exposure for Devin as he played a critical role in designing and drafting for their feminine hygiene business.

With a desire to expand on the industry, Devin joined Flexicell. There he designed Configurable Robotic Palletizing equipment for major brands, allowing machines to enhance their process in loading and unloading pallets of inventory.  

With a background in FDA and high speed packaging Devin continued his career at FR Drake, a manufacturer of high performance loading systems for frankfurters, sausages, cheese sticks, and other products. Their equipment is capable of loading at speeds of 1800 pieces per minute and designed to FDA and USDA standards. This is where Devin acquired his first patent for an accumulator transfer system and method for delivering food products to a bag.

After 15 years in the corporate world as a Mechanical Engineer, Devin could no longer ignore his desire to venture out on his own. With a passion for anything with wheels, Devin was constantly tinkering with cars, bicycles and motorcycles from a young age. With friends in the aftermarket automotive industry, Devin was constantly trading design and drafting work for shop dyno time.

In 2011 Devin did his first fork swap on his Honda CB550 project. The GSX-R wheel just didn't quite match the vintage look of the bike, so Devin decided to do what he does best - tinker. He set off to design a laced hub that would bolt on to the GSX-R fork, and it was a beauty. With the success of his laced wheel hub, he decided to have 10 more made to offer on the forums, and the rest is history…Two years later Cognito Moto was officially formed.

With the need for attention to detail and high-quality specifications, Devin decided the only path forward was to make their products in house. Pulling on his engineering and machine shop background, Devin acquired his first CNC Mill. This pivot to in-house development allowed Cognito Moto to offer truly custom parts with lower volumes and retain profitability.

Today Cognito Moto is a team of 4, designing and manufacturing things we love with the most advanced CNC Milling, Turning, and 3D Scanning capabilities on the market today.

John Longbottom / Sales and Technical Support

John Longbottom has spent his life in nearly every corner of Virginia. John grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia where he fostered a love of motorcycles in the garage and at the motocross track. As his love for motorcycles grew, so did his love of music. After high school, John attended George Mason University where he received his Bachelor’s of Music Degree on jazz saxophone. While in school, John became an accomplished musician who performed at prominent venues in the D.C. area such as Blues Alley, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Twins Jazz Club.  

After his time in Washington D.C., John moved to Richmond where he continued to pursue music. Along the way, he got an opportunity to reconnect with his old love of motorcycles as he began working at Cognito Moto. John’s creative thinking and passion for motorcycles allow him to think outside the box and go the extra mile for all of his customers.

Paul Zimmerman / Lead CNC Machinist

Paul Zimmerman grew up in Buffalo, NY. After completing high school, he relocated to Orlando, FL to attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), where he specialized in servicing Harley Davidson motorcycles. Upon graduating from MMI, Paul moved to Richmond, VA, where he worked as a motorcycle mechanic at Victory, becoming a Victory Certified Mechanic. He was also part of the Victory Top Fuel Race team.

Leveraging his expertise in engine rebuilding and machining, Paul transitioned into the world of machining. He furthered his education at Brightpoint Community College to earn his Journeyman's card in machining. Paul enjoyed a 16-year career in machining before joining Cognito Moto in June 2023, where he now merges his passion for motorcycles with his extensive machining experience.

Paul rides a Victory Vegas and a BMW S1000R. He is also an enthusiastic musician, playing the upright bass in a Rockabilly band, which performs shows along the East Coast.


Tony Tang / Assembly and Shipping

Tony Tang was born in Guangzhou, China, and spent his early childhood in Zhuzhou, China until he was 9 years old. He then moved with his family to Tokyo, Japan, where he lived until the age of 16. Following this, Tony and his family relocated to Richmond, VA, where he completed high school and began his higher education at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Tony is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design and Art History.

A long-time customer of Cognito Moto, Tony has been building a custom KZ750. He seized the opportunity to work at Cognito Moto when a position opened in the summer of 2023. With his knowledge of Cognito Moto parts, vintage motorcycles, and his trilingual abilities, Tony was an excellent fit for the job.

Tony rides a KZ750, a Honda Grom, and a GSX-R750. In his free time, he enjoys oil painting, building custom bikes, and working with 3D rendering and CGI.