Honda CB450/CB500T Mikuni VM32 32mm Carburetor Kit

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Retains the factory side panels for a classy, original look with all the benefits of Mikuni VM carburetors.

Breathe new life into your Honda CB450 twin with this high-performance Mikuni carburetor conversion kit. You can toss those leaky old Kehins, because this kit offers quicker starts, rapid throttle response and a better top end utilizing the legendary Mikuni VM32 – the choice of racers and custom bike builders worldwide.

This is the only conversion kit currently available utilizing billet, CNC-machined manifolds specifically designed for the CB450. The stock manifolds on the CB have always been a problem. The rubber breaks down and cracks, causing air leaks, leading to a lean condition that can rapidly destroy your engine. Some folks try to use CB350 manifolds for their conversions but they just won’t work. Not only are they the wrong size, they create numerous clearance problems with the petcocks, cross over tube and side panels. Our beautiful billet aluminum manifolds solve all these problems. When mated with the VM32 and our heavy-duty rubber adapters, this kit will provide years of dependable, trouble-free service.

This kit will fit Honda CB450 models (1968-74) and CB500T models 1975-76.

What this kit includes:

  • (2) custom jetted VM32 left and right Genuine Mikuni carburetors
  • Left and right billet, custom-designed manifolds
  • Manifold gaskets
  • (2) Heavy duty, long-life rubber manifold adapters
  • (4) Hose clamps for manifold adapters
  • (4) Hose clamps for fuel line
  • 30”of heavy duty fuel line
  • (2) Manifold base gaskets
  • 1-2 cable. Cable must be sized, and ends soldered
  • (4) 6mm stainless steel button head screws
  • Fine tuning jet assortment
  • Two tapered American made air filters with hose clamps

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Brown
Quick service

It was quick and easy to order.
Neatly packed, everything was there.

Nice equipment, includes zero documentation

I get that these carbs are ubiquitous but this is an expensive purchase to include zero documentation. Also it you are getting this for a 500T and plan on retaining the factory airbox and panels you will have to cut the steel of your factory airbox in order to fit the carb body. Also you will need to order more parts to fit this fuel setup with your tank outlet. I had to purchase a 6mm to 8mm,8mm Y Fitting.
This is a mostly complete kit and the hardware is pretty nice.