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Motogadget now exclusively presents its glassless mirror series m.view. The special feature of this motorcycle mirror is the patented mirror surface, which is machined directly into the metal body. The Aluminium itself is the mirror surface! A weightless design without edge and frame is possible and the mirror body itself becomes very thin and light. Shattered glass or fallen out glass are simply not possible!

An elaborate fly-cutting process, using diamond cutting tools on ultraprecision CNC machines, machines the convex mirror surface directly out of solid alumimum. To protect the surface motogadget applies, in a vacuum, a special plasma coating which makes it absolutely resistant to scratches, corrosion and oxidation.

The mirror and mirror arms are CNC machined from billet aluminium. Deep black anodizing gves them a distinguished appearance. All components such as bolts and ball-joints are made of stainless steel. This makes for precise and stable adjustment of the mirrors.

M.View Blade

The handlebar end mirror m.view blade is very small and fits perfectly to our bar end blinkers, m.grip, m.grip soft, m.switch and m.switch mini. It can be mounted above or below the handlebars. The mirror is suitable for the right and left side. It mounts directly onto the handlebar end or the bar end extension - MG7001060.


Width of mirror body: 100 mm
Height of mirror body: 60mm
Thickness of the mirror body without ball-joint: 4 mm
Length of the stem: 61 mm
Inner diameter of the clamp: for 7/8" and 1" handlebar
Clamping width: 8 mm
Weight: 94 g

Scope Of Supply

m.view blade mirror with stem, clamp and manual

A mirror without glass? That sounds about as daring as a tire without rubber. But the ingenious heads of motogadget have made the impossible possible. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, their high-tech mirrors are more robust, lighter and slimmer than ever before. So what is their secret? Standstill is regression. Not only has the vernacular known this, but also the motogadget team. For many years, the brand from Berlin has stood for truly sophisticated motorcycle accessories. Indicators, push buttons, instruments, switching electronics - if you focus on quality when customizing, you can't avoid motogadget products. The main reason for the company's success is constant progress - an integral part of the company's development.

"For us, innovation is simply the only way" says co-founder Garrit Keller, underlining motogadget's self-image. As the head of development, he is extremely interested in sounding out technical limits. It is his very personal drive that shapes the entire company. The new Metalmirror mirrors without glass are the best proof of this.

Conventional motorcycle mirrors are rather heavy and sometimes not very elegant. The mirror surface made of glass is a real Achilles verse, can jump out of the frame or break. In the event of a fall, the glass even poses a risk of injury. The aim of the new motogadget mirrors called m.view is to avoid all these disadvantages by using state-of-the-art production methods. And indeed, the ten different m.view models are completely different from other mirrors. Because their aluminum body, milled from solid material, itself becomes a mirror surface!

The result is a weightless design without a rim or frame. The mirror becomes particularly thin and light.