Rick's Regulator Rectifier Combo CB350F, CB400F, CB500K, CB550, & CB750 OEM Style Honda Rectifier-Regulator

OEM Style Honda Rectifier-Regulator: This is a combination unit which will replace the OEM regulator and rectifier; OE plugs and installation instructions are included. Rick's Regulator Rectifier Combo includes instructions and the required connectors allowing for plug and play install. This really helps to clean up over all bike appearance and reliability. 


1978 Honda CB550K
1976-1978 Honda CB750A Automatic
1975-1977 Honda CB750F Super Sport
1975-1977 Honda CB550F Super Sport
1974-1978 Honda CB550K
1972-1974 Honda CB350F
1971-1973 Honda CB500
1969-1978 Honda CB750K

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