Ryan Pusch CB750: Devil in the Details
October 13, 2021

Ryan Pusch CB750: Devil in the Details

We all may be partial to the glory days of CB750K’s, but maybe we’ve been missing out on the F’s from the eighties. Shedding the ideals of what a classic cafe racer should be,some may wonder what it would look like if Honda decided to release their DOHC CB750F today. Apparently, Ryan Pusch believes they are building war machines. 

Hidden among the black paint lies a completely rewired bike, setup for the latest and greatest Motogadget components. No relays or fuses to deal with, this Motogadget system upgrades all the electrical components and even does away with the keys. The motogadget gauges come standard with a magnet sensor, but Ryan wired in his own GPS speed sensor to work with the Motoscope Mini Gauge to clean the wiring up just a little more. 

With all the electrical updates, we were surprised to hear that the biggest challenge to this build was getting the tank right. Welding was tricky as the tank had some sealer and rust on the inside. After getting the welds right, the tank was modified to incorporate a Harley style pop up gas cap. 

While many classic elements have been removed, spoked rims seem to remain a timeless staple of stunning bikes. Ryan went with our spoked conversion and is running 4.25x18” and 2.5x18” Excel black rims. A lot of builds stick with 17’s but 18’s can get you a little bit of height back on the swap which is important if you are a taller rider. For the swap, a Cognito fixed offset triple clamp was used to get a 2007 GSXR600 mated to the front end, allowing the bike to handle and stop like a modern superbike. 

The aged plastics have been ditched to expose the bones of the beast that lies within, although Ryan has done a little more than take the side covers off. With no covers, the CB can breathe easy with a Cognito Moto anodized black air intake. The rear end has been tidied up with a welded frame loop and LED lights and is supported by a pair of Ohlins streetline shocks. 

A dark take in modern times, this Honda captures the aggressive nature the CB750 was bred with.