BMW Airhead R65/ R75 / R100 / K75 / K100 Cast Wheel to GSX-R Fork Adapter Kit

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Model and Year of wheel: 1976-1977 BMW R60/7

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This wheel conversion kit from Cognito Moto allows you to install an original BMW Airhead front wheel onto modern 2006-2023 Suzuki GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000 forks.

The kit includes rotor adapters, a new axle, and axle spacer specifically designed to adapt BMW wheels to fit GSX-R forks. It enables upgrading the front suspension of vintage BMW R65, R75, R100, K75, and K100 motorcycles using components from these newer sportbikes.

To complete the installation, GSX-R rotors and rotor bolts matched to your fork model year are required (not included). No modifications to the GSX-R fork or BMW wheel are necessary. The BMW rotor bolts are reused to mount the adapters to the stock BMW wheel.

This fork and wheel swap is an easy bolt-on upgrade, maintaining proper geometry while retaining the classic BMW front wheel. It provides significantly improved handling and braking performance thanks to the modern inverted fork design.

The procedure involves removing the BMW front end, installing the wheel adapters, new axle, rotor, and brake components before completing the fork installation. Check out our installation video for the full DIY tutorial.

Though this kit is designed for R65, R75, R100, K75, and K100 BMW models, it may fit other Airhead bikes. Contact us if you do not see your specific BMW motorcycle listed. Take your vintage ride to the next level with this simple front end conversion!


(Lester Mags used for images)



    • 1978-1985 BMW R65
    • 1976-1977 BMW R60/7
    • 1976-1977 BMW R75/7
    • 1976-1978 BMW R100/7T
    • 1976-1980 BMW R100S
    • 1976-1984 BMW R100RS 
    • 1977-1980 BMW R80
    • 1977-1984 BMW R100/T
    • 1978-1984 BMW R100RT 
    • 1980-1984 BMW R100CS
    • 1982-1984 BMW R80RT


    • 1985-1988 R65
    • 1984-1995 R80
    • 1984-1995 R80RT
    • 1987-1995 R100RT
    • 1986-1993 R100RS
    • 1984-1996 K75
    • 1985-1990 K75C
    • 1989-2005 K75RT
    • 1985-1995 K75S
    • 1982-1990 K100
    • 1986-1991 K100LT
    • 1983-1989 K100RS
    • 1983-1988 K100RT

Acceptable Forks:

  • GSX-R600 2006-2023
  • GSX-R750 2006-2023
  • GSX-R1000 2005-2023

Kit includes:

  • 2x Rotor adapters (anodized black finish)
  • Custom axle
  • Custom axle spacers/reducer

Customer Reviews

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Jay Beier
GSXR Bmw cast wheel conversion

Excellent piece!! Axle kit and rotor spacers fit great with GSXR front forks, rotors aligned perfect with calipers. Professional clean look. Would help if axle was slightly bevelled on edge going into wheel bearings and have a side note saying that original top hat spacers that are installed in factory BMW wheels will need to be removed. Highly recommended.