Digital Ignition System - BMW Airhead with Bosch Alternator / Enduralast

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Modules: 3 curve

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Computerized Digital Ignition System for Bosch Alternators.

The Euro MotoElectrics Electronic Ignition is an electronic optical trigger and electronic ignition advance module that replaces under-performing BMW Ignition points, condenser, mechanical advance unit and on later models replaces the electronic ignition control unit and bean can trigger unit.

This ignition replaces the ignition systems on all 1970-1995 BMW Airhead motorcycles. It is configurable for both single-plugged and dual-plugged engines.

This ignition system is the last improvement ever needed on an Airhead ignition!

Please refer to our Installation Guide that includes step-by-step installation photos and diagrams along with a detailed instruction of the installation, timing, operation and troubleshooting.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW: Model 247, Airhead with Bosch charging system
Model Years: 1970 - 1995


Optional upgrade to our 9 Curve Ignition Module [Add $99.00]This upgrade is for a 9 curve module. And removes the 3 curve ignition module.


The EnDuraLast Electronic Ignition is an Electronic Light Trigger and Electronic Ignition Advance module from Sachse Electroniks (Germany). It replaces the stock under-performing BMW ignition points, condenser, mechanical advance unit and on later models, the electronic ignition control unit and bean can trigger unit. This ignition replaces the ignition systems on all 1970-1995 BMW motorcycles and is configurable for both single-plugged and dual-plugged engines.

The kit includes:
Crank mounted aluminum disc trigger
Electronic module
Optical-sensor Wiring
Mounting hardware
Installation guidelines

NOTE: The Ignition Coils are NOT included.

The following Coil are recommended as they are compatible with this system:
- Bosch Super Coil, 6v x 2 1.5 ohms each - EME Part No: BO-Coil6Vx2, or
- Dyna Single Tower Coil DC2-1 x 2 1.5 ohms "Brown", or
- Dyna Dual Tower Coils DC1-1 3.0 ohms "Green" , or
- EnDuraLast Dual Tower Coils EDL-Coil3.0ohm
See more detail in the Technical Specs Tab:

EnDuraLast Ignition System Kit for fitment to the Bosch 3 Phase Alternator Features:
“Set once and forget” ignition timing requires NO maintenance. Both dwell and ignition timing are drift free and permanent. Worn rubbing blocks, failing condensers, closing points and burned contacts are problems of the past. No more burning hands on hot header pipes while trying to adjust the dwell (points gap) or rotating the points backing plate (ignition timing).

The EnDuraLast electronic ignition does not use the original mechanical advance unit so worn springs, gummy advance mechanisms, worn “D” slots in the mechanical advance units and obsolete timing curves are problems of the past. No more problems with fast idle speed because of “hung” advance units.

The crankshaft-fired trigger provides rock solid timing (more accurate than the stock cam-fired points) independent of timing chain wear and uneven advance unit cam wear. No more dual or hopping timing images. Crankshaft firing allows operation on engines with damaged, or broken-off cam noses. Normally these situations require replacement of the camshaft!

For peace of mind, the design allows the original contact point ignition system to remain installed. Switching to the original stock ignition simply requires re-connecting one wire at the coil. In short, for the weight of a contact point and condenser, you can have a full secondary ignition system installed and ready to go should you experience a failure of the EnDuraLast system. Redundancy equals safety!

Provides dynamometer optimized ignition advance curves for both single and dual-plugged engines. Unlike some competitive units, the advance curves have a 3800 maximum rpm after which there is no increase. Also unlike some competitive units, there is no loss of power or gas mileage due to over-retardation at lower RPMs. Having the correct ignition advance reduces cylinder head temperature, extends exhaust valve and valve seat life and improves overall performance. Eliminates hard starting and high speed hesitation due to closed up or burnt points. Eliminates vibration caused by ignition timing variations between cylinders. This may be caused by a worn D slot in the advance unit, an imperfection in the point cam lobes or a slightly bent cam nose. Because the EnDuraLast ignition is fired from the crankshaft, it is immune to these problems.